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The EstrichBoy EC 450 pneumatic conveyors are among the most modern and popular of screed pumps on the market. Almost 50 years of continuous further development, a variety of configuration options, excellent performance, as well as maximum user-friendliness - this is immediately noticeable with our EstrichBoy. All this with the aim of facilitating work on the construction site.

The EC 450 with electric motor offers advantages, in particular for the urban environment. The silent electric motor has no emissions itself and makes the EstrichBoy one of the most environment-friendly screed conveyors in Europe. The simple, reasonable "refuelling" (i.e. charging) at the socket also lowers operating costs by up to 30% compared to a diesel-operated machine. In conjunction with a hydraulic feeder and scraper, efficient work with a high pouring rate is guaranteed.


Technical Data
(EC 450BS)
modelEC 450BS
versionwith skip and scraper
compressorAtlas Copco Airtec 111, 67 l/s bei 7 bar Förderdruck
engineElektromotor 30 kW, 400 V Drehstrom 50 Hz min. 63 A-Absicherung, Steckdose CEE 63
chassisWith brake, 80 km/h bis 100 km/h (optional)
filling height420mm
article number111624900

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