Brinkmann - Cement screed

Cement screed

Conventional cement screed - also suitable for wetrooms

The manufacturing of conventional cement screed is the traditional way of doing things. Earth-moist screed sand is mixed with a binder, generally cement, as well as concrete additives. Because of its earth-moist consistency, this screed cannot be continuously mixed and pumped; instead, it must be prepared in batches using compressed air.

Screed differs depending on the composition of the binding agent, via which the drying time can also be regulated. Cement screed, asphalt screed, resin screed, calcium sulphate screed, and magnesium sulphate screed are used. In comparison to liquid screed, cement screed is also suitable for wetrooms, even though the workload for the pouring and levelling of the cement screed is higher.

Fibre reinforcement is often used to change the bending tensile strength of screed. In addition to its task as a filler and equalizing material, screed is primarily intended for use as a load distribution layer, insulation layer or a direct usage surface.


EstrichBoy 450 Series

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TransMix 5500

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The mobile screed factories for processing conventional cement screed