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Pneumatic conveyor

EstrichBoy pneumatic conveyor - The original

System Druckluftfoerderung
Pneumatic conveyors transport screed according to the plug conveying principle. The pumping medium is firstly mixed in a mixing and pumping tank as in a compulsory mixer. Once the mixing process is complete, the mixing tank (designed as a pressure tank) is connected to a compressed air supply. The compressed air is typically produced using a compressor and some of this enters the pressure tank as top air. The rest of the compressed air enters the pressure line as bottom air, fragments the material into droplets and pushes these through the hose in the same way as a pneumatic delivery system.

EstrichBoy 450 Series

The screed specialist in full range
One of the most popular screed conveyors in Europe with 3-cylinder engine in many different versions and configuration options

TransMix 5500

The mobile logistics system
The mobile screed factories for processing conventional cement screed