Brinkmann - Liquid screed

Liquid screed

Liquid screed - fast and simple processing

Liquid screed is a type of screed with a flowing characteristic. Thanks to the easy-flow consistency, almost perfect levelling of flooring is achieved automatically. The binder is normally an anhydrite compound or cement with various concrete additives. The diverse material mixtures available for selection are adapted to the expected load and ambient conditions - as bonded screed, screed on separating layers, screed on insulating layers, as well as floor heating and raised floors.

The advantages of this way of working are the quick and easy application of the material and the fact that it can be practically seamlessly laid on floor heating. Unlike in the case of traditional cement screed laying, the worker can stand up while working, which takes the strain off his body, whereby the material costs are relatively high.


Estrich Boy FHS 200/3

The tried-and-tested liquid screed pump
The robust, high-performing auger pump for the conveying of liquid screed

TransMix 3200

The mobile logistics system
The mobile screed factories for processing liquid screed