Brinkmann - Auger pumps

Auger pumps

EstrichBoy auger pumps for liquid screed applications

Auger pumps belong to the group of rotating displacement pumps. The material to be conveyed is passed to a storage tank, the hopper, and flows into the actual auger via the mixing shaft without any shocks or bumps, not pulsing.

The eccentric pump consists of a rotating coil-shaped steel shaft (known as a rotor or an auger), which is located in a stationary, flexible rubber housing (known as a stator or spiral casing). The flow rate and flow pressure are dependent on the geometry of the auger.

As with a screw which rotates in a nut, the displacement medium is encapsulated in the eccentric auger pump and is slid into the pressure line (displacement hose).

Brinkmann auger pumps are suitable for screed, liquid screed, as a binder for anhydrite, cement or magnesium, with a grain size of up to 16 mm depending on the machine model.


Estrich Boy FE 400

Die neue Fließestrichpumpe

Estrich Boy FHS 200/3

The tried-and-tested liquid screed pump
The robust, high-performing auger pump for the conveying of liquid screed

TransMix 3200

The mobile logistics system
The mobile screed factories for processing liquid screed